Update Time!

So, you've probably noticed that this site hasn't updated in a while (3 weeks to be precise). Partly because we're both lazy, but also because we've been working on a bunch of stuff.

First of all, we managed to get into the source code of a game called 'bonk.io', and we had a bit of fun with 128 player lobbies (I was its_magic, and Rift went by Zylem).

And also, me and Rift have been working on our own projects. I've been working on my 'Minecraft Server Maker', which (when it's finished) should be able to download, install and run Minecraft Servers for you. I've built two other versions of it previously: one in Visual Basic, and one in Electron. This one is also being built in Electron, but it's gonna be way better.

If you guys are interested, I may make a page for it, and put it up for download when it's finished. Or maybe I'll never finish it. I don't know.

I'm planning on having support for Vanilla, Forge, and Bukkit servers. And an easy way to add mods. And a load of other cool stuff. If you guys want a feature, just message me and I'll try and add it.

Anyway, I gotta go now, so cya!

- palutena


I got a taste of the first 2bit cookie, and oh boy, it was delicious. Like seriously, it was great. Don't let the black and white colour put you off. It is delicious.

- palutena

11K views and 25 followers.

This is awesome guys. Thanks! My old website had like 44K views or something like that, but they were probably all bots, and I also had like 5 followers on that site.

But now, we've reached 25 followers! Thanks guys. :)

- palutena



- palutena

Project Connect

So there's this thing I've been thinking about for a while. How can you tell exactly who is on your website? So I made Project Connect. Basically, you go on the Project2 homepage, and click the little arrow at the bottom left, and follow the instructions. If you sign up, then (hopefully) you'll get a little greeting when you refresh the page! I'll probably use this feature for other stuff, but for now, it's just a little idea.

- palutena


I'm bored. I have nothing to do. I've got double science next. God help me. AAAAAAAAAA.

- palutena

Mini Tutorials!

Eureka! I've just come up with a way to get my secret project done, and upload tutorials at the same time! Mini tutorials! It might be a tutorial on links, or making images, or some JavaScript feature, or centering CSS text, but it'll be easy and simple to understand, and I'll be able to make more of them! First one will be coming out today. I promise.

- palutena

Secret Project?

Currently working on a secret project. Rift knows what it is (IF YOU'RE READING THIS DON'T TELL ANYONE), and basically all of my friends know too, but I'm not going to reveal anything yet. Hell, I might not even upload it to Neocities at all! Rift has made the website for the project, and has done an amazing job with it. Let's hope I can actually finish it!

- palutena

Project2 Tutorials is going well!

I'm really happy with what Project2 Tutorials is turning out to be. For me, it's a way to document what we know at Project2, and to share it with you guys! Rift has uploaded his first CSS tutorial, so be sure to check it out. And remember, if there is anything wrong with the website, tell us!

- palutena

Project2 Tutorials

Project2 Tutorials has officially started!

Project2 Tutorials is a project I've wanted to do for a long time, even before Project2 existed, and I'm very happy that it's finally started. I will be writing HTML and JavaScript tutorials, while Rift will be doing CSS. The school bell is going. BYE!

- palutena

Finally back!

Hey guys. I'm finally back from holiday and I'm back at school too. Year 10 is cool I guess?

- palutena

iPads suck.

I coded this update on my iPad. They suck for coding. This took 10 minutes to type.

- palutena


I'm not dead. I just made a CMD thing.

- palutena



- palutena

Game Thingy?

I'm gonna code a game thingy! Maybe it'll be a shooter thingy, maybe it'll be a platformer, maybe it'll be something entirely different!

We'll just have to wait and see...

- palutena

Second Update!


- palutena

First Update!

Hey guys. I just made this website in like 5 minutes at school, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a little blog thing. I'll probably do more updates soon, and Rift might as well. (he's just trying to think of something to make)

I had to make this on neocities, since I can't get Brackets at school. :'(

Anyway, hopefully I'll add more stuff to this in the future.

- palutena